I’ve got a love-hate relationship with HDR. Or better a hate-hate relationship. And this post didn’t exactly improve my mood. What do you mean beautiful? It’s all HDR! This way you could polish a turd to make it look good!

My first reason the resent HDR is that it has turned into a gimmick: it seems lots of people use it just to use is. And that to an extent that’s way over the top. Since everybody and their neighbor can do it, there’s no fun/challenge  in the exaggeration anymore. So everyone is back to chasing ‘that style’ again. Fortunately that never happened with the Dave Hill look… o wait…

Second, I have not been able to produce more than 1 good HDR image myself. I know, I know, this is hypocrisy to the max: not liking it because others are better than me in this area. But there’s more to it. The only HDR images (made by others) I like are so subtle on the HDR, that’s is almost impossible to tell it’s HDR at all.

On the other hand, Scott Kelby has a good point I noticed too: non-photographers love it! That’s why I silently keep on trying to produce a good HDR, without telling anyone 😉 Trust me, I’ve been trying. And until last Sunday I only had one decent HDR image. Then, during a walk in the damp I saw a scene I instantly knew would look good in HDR (just as it happened with my first good HDR image).

Now I just have to wait till the commissions start flowing in and I get more HDR related premonitions…

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