Today I took a trip down memory lane during a walk with my daughters. After the rain stopped and the sun came back again, we went for a walk. During the walk we played games like “I spy with my little eye” and other guessing games.

Then I remembered a game I used to play with my parents a lot when I was my kids’ age: watching the clouds and imagining which shapes they had. I had continued to play that game during my adolescence when I practiced my cartoon drawing skills by drawing the shapes I saw.

Suffice to say, we had a great time. We saw a wide range of shapes and explained what we saw to each other. We saw things like bunnies, a bed with a heart-shaped pillow, waving hands, fire-breathing dragons, fairy castle towers (I told you they are girls) and much, much more.

We’ve had the best time feeding on each others’ imagination, and I am glad to see my kids are not holding back on their creativity.  I am itching to go for another walk again. I’m pretty sure my parents want to join us too 🙂

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