Today the CEO’s of Microsoft & Adobe met.  What they talked about is unknown, but it’s assumed they are talking about Apple. Some even suggested that Microsoft wants to buy Adobe.

What to expect of such a merger or buyout ? On the pro side: a better integration between Adobe products and Microsoft OS. This way you get more performance in terms of speed and efficiency. Another pro is that this integration also applies on a software level: the Creative Suite integrated with the Office Suite, Flash+Silverlight=Flashlight. I see numerous opportunities. Just think about mobile solutions.

On the con side this could start a platform battle between Apple & the WIntelAd (WAdtel? InADows? Microbe? ), and that will hurt all creatives around the globe. Possibly think about a stripped versions of the Creative Suite on Macs. I am not pro Apple, but this will only hurt the users. And think about the new Adobe product: MicroSoft Photoshop Creative Suite… or MSPSCS… thats too much for me.

I think it’s good Apple gets more competition, they need it 🙂  Am I happy about this scenario? Not particularly. Can I do something about it? No much. So we just have to wait and see what the future will hold for us.

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