Another year of Folkwoods has finished. Fortunately we still have the pictures. Here’s my impression of the last day.

Time flies when you are having fun. We’re already at the last day. The weather report predicts heavy rain around midday, but we were lucky it started raining late in the afternoon.  So I took lots of shots of people with umbrella’s, wet people, even wetter people and muddy people. For the record – it kept on raining heavily, until we woke up the next day.  And the concerts from Zef and Scrum were awesome.

I saw the following artists performed on Sunday:

  1. Dutch Pipes and Drum Band (NL)
  2. The Bogers family (NL)
  3. JW Roy and band (NL)
  4. An Erming (D)
  5. Tinker, Drinkers and Dreamers (NL)
  6. Zef (F)
  7. Scrum (NL)
  8. Figli de Madre Ignota (I)

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