Finally, it is Folkwoods time again! I arrived pretty late and the first thing I noticed, still outside the festival terrain, was the lack of parking space. And inside it was pretty crowded. That was  much to my surprise since Friday at Folkwoods is usually a quiet warming-up.

When I entered “De Klippeleaters” where performing. I did not take any photos, but simply enjoyed their performance. I hope to see them again, because it was quite entertaining. They reminded me of another festival that I used to visit a lot: Elastiek. Mmmh, seems I do not have much Elastiek photos online at the moment… /me adds another item to the 2do list.

The next act on main stage was Seth Lakeman. And the three man band put up a good show. There was a good interaction with the audience and each other and the music was excellent.

The next act I saw was Faran Flad. They skilfully played charming and danceable music and caught the attention of the audience during the whole show. But next time, please leave the bagpipes to the experts 😉

If these acts determine the quality of the next days, Folkwoods 2011 is going to be a good edition. They even have WiFi (although most of the time it does not seem to work for me).

Me, I am off for another day of folk, folks & beer. More to come…

  1. Erwin Libbrecht says:

    Not a bad review but the remark about the bagpipe is a bit strange. Luc is one of the best bagpipe players in Belgium and made an excellent album with French bagpipe music.
    Well he is a fiddle player in the first place. And not from Scotland…

  2. illogical42 says:

    Even the best bagpipe player produces interesting tones once in a while. Since the band themselves had a small chuckle about it, I posted it with a smiley.

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