About me

Hi, I’m IllOgical42, photographer, website builder, designer and a ICT trainer & consultant and all-round fix-it-all kinda guy. I love to capture images, and try to have a camera with me all the time. Besides shooting I love to think up new things/situations to shoot. What interests me most in photography is motion (or the absence thereof). Everything is moving somehow, either through space or time, and everything that lives is in perpetual motion: breathing, looking, talking, walking, running, developing, growing, aging, deteriorating… According to the wiki “motion” is “the change of location or position of an object with respect to time“, and I love all aspects of it. I like to play with all of the nouns in that line: change, location, position, objects and time. Capturing high-speed action or objects decaying in time, moving while shooting or shooting something moving… bring it on 🙂


Oct 30, 2010 – Nov 27, 2010. Duisternis, organised by the Brabantse Milieufederatie. Location: the public library of Berkel-Enschot (NL). More information here (my site), here (Brabantse Milieu Federatie) and here (public library).


“Knack” (a Belgian weekly magazine), year 36, number 20 (May 17th, 2006). ISSN 0772-3210, page 43. Article: Shopping malls in “De Kempen”.

So where can I be found?

Here and there and everywhere. If you want to follow my online presence, I’m on FlickR twice, MySpace and Twitter and at least a number of other channels. But you wont find me on FaceBook: I do not agree with their privacy and copyright rules.

About this site

This site is build on the WordPress platform, using the template Mental Disorder by Razvan Teodorescu. The background image of seamless concrete was originally from http://seamlesstextures.org. All other photos and artwork are by yours truly, unless stated otherwise.